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BBQ Sauces & Marinades

Our criminally delicious, righteously clean-label Sauces and Marinades are the secret to making your Ribs, Chicken, Chops, Tenderloins and Wings the stuff of legend, i.e. Dougie


Sneaky Spicy BBQ Sauce

Another winner at the KansasCity American Royal BBQ Competition. And at BBQ grills across America. Big, bodacious, but, oh, so delicious.

Respect Your Meat!

Bloody Mary Mixes

Don't bastardize good booze with a crummy Bloody Mary Mix. Most are loaded with crap like HFCS and MSG. Uncle Dougie's fresh-blended, clean-label quality beats the "crap" out of our competition.


Rich N' Spicy

Featured in high-end restaurants across America, and raved about by peeps who know their stuff. If you like a spicy mix, this one's "da bomb."

How Dougie Does Mary

Hot Sauces

There's a million hot sauces out there.  And most of 'em are just okay, and some of 'em suck.  Ours are on a mission from the spice gods--and from what we hear, we are going to heaven.


Zesty Hot Sauce

We set out to create a hot sauce that had nice heat, but without sacrificing flavor. Our Zesty hot sauce split the upright - eggs, pizza, hot dogs, whatever - delish!

Dougie’s Got Some Sauce

Rubs and More

The best Rubs usually don't come out of a jar (wink, wink), but in this case, your meat will thank you.  These 100% natural spice blends are the perfect way to score 4-Star BBQ.


Downright Tasty

The perfect blend of salt and 14 herbs and spices to bring incredible life to any meat, from ribs and chops to beef tenderloin, chicken or seafood.

That's the Rub

About Us

Uncle Dougie's started in 1989 when Doug Tomek decided to find a way to make spicy wings at home without the mess and added fat and calories that come along with frying. He experimented on friends and family with his concoctions and then VOILA! He nailed it. Not a sauce-but a marinade!! As friends and family members started to request Doug’s wings at event after event, it occurred to Doug that he may have something special—and Uncle Dougie’s was born!

Today Uncle Dougie's can be found at Whole Foods Market and many, many other grocery and specialty meat retailers throughout the Midwest. For many Uncle Dougie's lovers who have moved afar, they get their fix through the Uncle Dougie's website-we currently ship our products all over the world!

1029 w madison St Chicago IL 60607


Dougie's Best Recipes

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Spicy Dougie's Oven Fries

Prep Time: 0:20

Cook Time: 0:18

1. Slice Russet potatoes lengthwise to create 1/2" diameter planks

2. Marinate in Uncle Dougie's Wicked Good Marinade for 15 minutes

3. Spray a heavy cookie sheet with your favorite no-stick spray, then spread around a few tablespoons of olive oil

4. Spread marinated potato lengths evenly around on cookie sheet and place in 450° oven for 10-12 minutes, flip and finish for 5 minutes (or until they look awesome)

5. Sprinkle with grated parmigiano cheese

Cooking-chicken Blinking-pig Blinking-cow Blinking-chicken Doug-eyes